Villa Montegranelli restaurant

What does Umbria taste like? Sometimes intense and fragrant like the truffle, other times strong like game meat. In summer it tastes fresh thanks to the vegetables and in autumn it has mushrooms flavor!

Entering the restaurant of Villa Montegranelli means discovering an exquisite cuisine, rich in all those products that distinguish the green heart of Italy.

Villa Montegranelli offers a splendid room with over 300 seats, for weddings, meetings and any events in general, and it has a more intimate and welcoming "Vip" room, perfect for a romantic dinner, parties, ceremonies and gala evenings. The menu is largely dedicated to traditional Umbrian recipes. Hotel guests will be able to enjoy the delicacies of the region from the morning breakfast.


Opening hours
The restaurant is open everyday
for lunch in August (12.00 - 15.00)
for dinner (19.00 - 21.45).

Menus for celiacs, vegetarians and children are also available.